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Cover of Learned Reactions, by Jayce Ellis, on Brunch Spread. Caption: Sunday Brunch Bites

Happy February beloveds! For today, I have a nice little NSFW short story of Carlton and Deion for you to enjoy. Settling into married life is an adjustment, but these guys are still determined to make up for lost time. Enjoy!!

Deion was going to keel over any moment now. He loved watching Ollie perform, and right now, while wrestling was in the off-season, she was preparing for the upcoming Black History Month show. It didn’t help that he was the only parent here. No one to talk to, and it was too dark for him to pull out his students’ papers and grade them. A whole bunch of nothing but sitting here and trying desperately to pay attention to kids who weren’t his own.

The door behind him opened and Deion turned to see who dared come in and subject themselves to this. And then he broke out into a grin and fought to keep from yelling.

“Hey baby,” Carlton said as he slid into the seat next to him. He leaned over for a kiss and Deion opened gladly, maybe a little too gladly, given their location.

“What are you doing here?” Deion asked when he pulled back. “I thought you were staying at work for an office party.”

Carlton grumbled and ran a hand over his face. “I went. Stayed for half an hour. And those folks can’t stop talking about work. And the last thing I want to do in my allegedly off-time is talk shop. Figured I could watch Ollie do her thing instead.”

Deion grinned at Carlton’s irritation, then twined his hands with his man’s and fell silent. Not too long later, Carlton’s hand went slack and Deion had to stifle his laugh. Not that he could blame Carlton for falling asleep; he’d been burning the candle at both ends and in the middle for a while. Deion’s new position at American University had helped with a lot of financial strain, but Carlton was a workaholic on his best days, and he hadn’t shifted gears yet.

When he snored, a soft thing, but loud enough it made Ollie look up into the stands, he shook Carlton’s leg. He woke with a start.

“Huh, what?” he said as he stirred, then looked around. “Damn, did I fall asleep?”

“Sure did.”

“I’m sorry. I thought my coming here would be a nice surprise. I didn’t mean to pass out the minute I showed up.”

“Ollie heard you,” Deion admitted with a chuckle.

Carlton sank down in his seat. “God, she’s going to let me hear it when we get home.”

Deion couldn’t hold in his snort. “Knowing her, won’t take that long.”

A long sigh escaped, but Carlton didn’t say anything. Deion hated when Carlton felt like this. Ollie was a godsend, and they knew she adored them. They also knew she hated interruptions, and she could hear Carlton snoring from three miles away. Carlton still sometimes felt like he had to be perfect instead of being human, and he could turn on the self-flagellation mode quick.

“Come outside,” Deion said suddenly.

Carlton straightened from his seat and stared at him. “What? Why?”

“You need some fresh air. Maybe it’ll help you stay awake.”

“I want to argue with you, but you’re probably right, so I won’t.”

“Thanks for that, I think?” Deion stood, which caught Ollie’s attention, because that girl saw everything. He motioned to the door, and she nodded. A little too enthusiastically, if you asked him.

“Where are we going?” Carlton asked as soon as they were outside.

“I don’t even know,” he admitted. “I just knew if we stayed there, Ollie was going to give us both the business for falling asleep during her rehearsal.”

“True that.”

Deion led Carlton outside and started towards his car. It was cold as hell outside, and being a Chicago boy at heart didn’t mean he enjoyed chilly temps. They hurried to the car, and Carlton didn’t say anything when he started it up. He did speak, though, when Deion started to drive.

“Where the hell are we going?”

Deion didn’t answer. But somewhere between leaving the school and getting in the car, he’d had an idea. “You trust me?”

Carlton snorted. “I’m not sure anymore.”

Deion rolled his eyes as he took the car around to the back of the lot.

“Practicing your driving? Well done, love. Next time, try not to drive through the imaginary cars that would be parked here.”

“God you’re a dick sometimes.” Deion parked the car and turned to his husband. “Speaking of which…”

Carlton frowned, then his brow shot to his hairline. “What? Here?”

Even in the dark, Deion could see how Carlton’s eyes widened, the way his tongue darted out across his lips. Whatever he was thinking before, he was totally on board with where Deion’s brain had gone.

“Yeah, here. Get in the backseat.”

Deion was afraid Carlton would hurt himself, he moved so damn fast. Before he could unfasten his seatbelt, Carlton had opened the door and climbed in the back. So Deion took his sweet time moving to the rear of the car, around to the passenger side while Carlton palmed his dick through his jeans.

“Look at you,” Deion said when he opened the door. The wind blistered around them, but Carlton didn’t look like he gave a shit. “All eager and ready for me, aren’t you?”

Carlton whined. A legit, full out whine. A pity he didn’t have his phone on him. He could listen to that sound all night long.

“D, I’m so fucking horny. We were running late and I’ve been cranky all day because of it.”

Deion laughed. “Is that so? You’ve been a bear because I didn’t give you your morning blow job?”

Carlton nodded and did his level best to look pathetic. It almost worked. But, truth be told, Deion was just as much in need. He loved the way Carlton felt against his lips, on his tongue. The way he tightened his fingers in Deion’s hair right before he came. And he’d missed it this morning. 

He dropped to his knees on the ground, wincing as the cold seeped through immediately. He didn’t care, and apparently Carlton could care less about the cold either, because his dick was hard as a rock in the night air, a bead of precome at the tip.

Carlton gave a full-body shudder as Deion ran his hand up his thighs. “Fuck, so cold.”


Now Carlton looked down and gave him that signature. “You can make it better by sucking me off.”

What could Deion do but shake his head?. “That was the plan anyway.” He didn’t give Carlton a chance to respond, instead running his tongue over the head before sucking it in his mouth. Carlton hissed, his hand shooting out to land on Deion’s head with a thud. He pulled back and stared.

Carlton at least had the grace to look sheepish. “Sorry,” he mumbled. “You feel too good.”

Now how the hell was he supposed to stay mad when Carlton said things like that? “You’re lucky you’re cute,” Deion said instead. “And I’m horny as hell.”

When he looked up, he saw Carlton’s eyes had turned molten. He didn’t speak, instead palming the back of Deion’s neck and guiding him unerringly back to his dick.

This time Deion swallowed him whole, hollowing out his cheeks as he increased the suction. Carlton tangled his fingers through Deion’s locs and pumped his hips up. The world around him faded until all Deion could hear were the slight squeaks of the backseat and Carlton’s soft grunts. Even the cold bite of air wasn’t enough to stave off Deion’s own erection, but he’d have to wait for his release. He was going to take Carlton hard when they got home.

A hint of pain in his scalp alerted him to Carlton’s imminent release, and Deion sucked harder, then gripped his husband’s ass cheeks and massaged his hole with one finger.

“Fuck, D, yes!” Carlton held Deion’s head still as he came, and Deion swallowed every drop. Damn, he was greedy for this man.

When Carlton calmed down, flopping against the seat, Deion finally stood. And tried to stretch. “Damn, my back is not cut out for that shit anymore.”

“I appreciate your sacrifice then.” Carlton stared at Deion’s erection, snaking down his leg. “Let me return the favor.”

“Tonight. Tonight you’re all mine.”

Carlton groaned as he righted himself. “I’m not going to be able to walk straight tomorrow, am I?”

Deion waggled his brows. “Not if I do it right.”

Behind them, a door slammed open, and a group of performers walked out. Deion sighed. “We gotta get Ollie and get home.” He looked at the car and crinkled his nose. “She’s going to have to go in your car.”

For once, Carlton didn’t make a snide joke. “Damn right. We need to sanitize this before she’s allowed in again.” He climbed out and leaned in for a kiss, which Deion was all too ready to give him. “Still, that’s one thing finally off my bucket list.”

Deion paused mid-step back to the auditorium where rehearsals were taking place. “You dreamed of having sex at a school? Why am I not surprised?”

All he got was a shrug. “I mean, you know me. You shouldn’t be surprised.” He grabbed Deion around the waist and laid another loud smack on his cheek. “Thanks, babe.”

And Deion fell out laughing. Carlton did, too, until they reached the back door. It was locked. Carlton pinched the bridge of his nose. “What do you wanna bet all the doors are locked?”

“No deal.” Deion bowed his head. “Ollie’s gonna have our ass for this one.”

“No doubt.”

Both of their phones dinged at the same time. Carlton winced at the message, and Deion’s shoulders dropped. Time to get back to real life.