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JE Note: No idea if I’ll ever revisit this, but my word these boys were naughty. Totally NSFW!

Hi lovelies! This is still in progress, and hasn’t been submitted yet, but if you’re interested in what happened to Alex’s friend Bren at the end of Alex’s Law, check out a sneak peek of Bailing Out, below. (Umm, and this is NSFW. Enjoy!)

“What are you doing out here?” Bren had looked for RJ as he helped clean up once the party ended, but couldn’t find him anywhere. He straightened up as quickly as possible, then started his search. Bren found him walking around the outside, and even in the near blackness he could see how his eyes darted back and forth.

“Making sure Rebecca isn’t hiding out somewhere,” RJ said. The Chief Judge’s clerk, Rebecca, had not taken her dismissal well. It was distinctly possible that she could still be lurking around.

“Want company?”

RJ’s eyes traveled down Bren’s frame. A single lamp backlit RJ’s frame, and Bren could see that he was appreciative, his eyes ravenous. Bren tried to blame the shudder that rippled through him on the cold, but he wasn’t buying it. Didn’t look like RJ was either.

“I’m almost done. Why don’t you go back inside? It’s freezing out here.”

“I don’t see you with a jacket.” Bren stood in front of him, running his arms up and down RJ’s. He could feel the goosebumps break free, feel RJ’s hair stand on end.

RJ looked at him and swallowed. Bren wondered if RJ could feel his excitement. Bren wanted to press into him, see if RJ was as hard as he was.

“We shouldn’t do this,” RJ whispered.

“Why not?”

“Because. Alex, and Law. Their house,” RJ said, his words a stutter.

His nervousness made Bren bold. He chuckled and stepped closer, close enough to feel the outline of RJ’s cock, rock hard even in the bitterly cold weather. He took his time coursing his fingers over RJ’s chest, feeling his pebbled nipples, the faint definition of his abs under the shirt. He needed more. Bren pressed himself against RJ, the heat from his body the perfect counter to the chill. “Everyone’s gone. Alex and Law are celebrating. There’s nothing to worry about.”

RJ’s groaned and wrapped his arms around Bren’s waist. Not an inch of space separated them. Holy damn, this man was hung. And he was hard. Bren wanted to shout in triumph. He pressed a kiss in the hollow of RJ’s neck, then darted his tongue out to dip into the space.

“What are you doing?” RJ’s fingers tightened until Bren knew they’d leave marks, and RJ ground his hips against him. Bren moaned at the sensation.

“Tasting you,” he said. “I want to taste all of you.” Brendan slid his arms from around RJ’s back and palmed his erection. RJ thrust into his hand, then stilled and looked at him, his eyes questioning.

Bren looked around, made sure no one was there, then sank to his knees. He fumbled with RJ’s buckle, then unfastened his pants and pulled out his thick length.

“Oh God, Bren,” RJ whispered, bracing himself against the side of the house.

Bren smiled to himself and, without a word, swallowed him deep. RJ shoved his fist in his mouth, but a muffled scream escaped, and the sight urged Bren on. RJ was thick and long and his weight felt heavy on Bren’s tongue. He wanted to take his time, to absorb every grunt and moan, but the frosty weather and wetness from the ice and snow seeping through his slacks made that impossible. He worked RJ over hard, using as strong a suction as he could maintain. He hummed around RJ’s cock when his fingers tangled in Bren’s hair and he began to thrust into Bren’s mouth. Bren wanted to reach down and fish his own cock out of its confines, but the surrounding slush stopped him. Suddenly RJ stilled, his hands tightened to the point of pain, and Bren looked up at him. The look on his face was one of pure rapture, and Bren was sure he’d never get tired of the sight.

“Fuck, Bren! Shit!”

RJ spurted into his mouth, and Bren swallowed everything RJ gave him. Bren licked and nuzzled his cock before tucking it back in his pants and fastening them. When he stood, RJ was leaning heavily against the house, as though he couldn’t support himself otherwise. Bren could see his breath in the frosty air, could see his own mixing with it. Damn, that was hot.

He pressed himself against RJ again, making sure RJ could feel how hard he still was. “Are you going to invite me home?”

RJ’s eyes widened even more. “I’ve never… I mean, I —”

“Never what, RJ?”

He looked sheepish when he responded. “I’ve never brought a man home before.”

Bren sucked in a breath. “Then let me be the first. Invite me home, RJ.” He waited, silent, unmoving even as his wet pants made him want to tremble.

RJ squeezed his eyes shut, then opened them, trailing a single finger down the side of Bren’s face. “Come home with me, Bren?”

“I’d love to.”

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