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This is what you came for, right? I know it is. Find my books below, organized by series. Read an excerpt, ooh and ahh over the pretty covers, and click buy when you’re ready–which is now, right? Of course it is.

Cover of Yearning, by Jayce Ellis


Years ago, Cookie Pearson ran off the love of her life, Tommy, because she couldn’t accept his sexuality. She’s learned since then, and after drop-kicking…

Cover of Reverence, by Jayce Ellis


Rasheed knew moving back to his small hometown in Virginia wouldn’t be smooth sailing, especially since he refused to so much as visit for twenty-five…

Cover of Solomon, by Jayce Ellis


Lies and deception kept them apart, but the truth might kill any hope for a future. Twenty years after hitchhiking from Atlanta to DC, Solomon…

Cover of If You Love Something, by Jayce Ellis

If You Love Something

As executive chef at one of the hottest restaurants in DC, DeShawn Franklin has almost everything he’s ever wanted. He’s well-known, his restaurant is Michelin…

Cover of Learned Reactions by Jayce Ellis

Learned Reactions

Carlton Monroe is finally getting his groove back. After a year of playing dad to his nephew and sending him safely off to college, it’s…

Cover of Big City Heat, A High-Rise Romance Anthology

Courtney: A High Rise Novella

High-fashion photographer Courtney returns to DC, planning to take a much-deserved break and make peace with his estranged father. Instead, he meets the shy, overly-accommodating,…

Cover Learned Behaviors by Jayce Ellis

Learned Behaviors

Sending his daughter off to college is the proudest day of single dad JaQuan Reynolds’ life. Everything took a back seat to raising her—including his…

Cover of Andre, by Jayce Ellis. Stunning bald Black man, partially unbuttoned white shirt, waiting in his office


After a week filled with nonstop work, André Ellison heads to the club to blow off some steam. One night off is the perfect distraction…

Cover of Jeremiah, by Jayce Ellis


Jeremiah Stewart’s sexuality is no one’s business. Not that he’s hiding it. When—if—he finds the right one, he’ll absolutely introduce him to Mom. But a…