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Sunday Brunch Bites

Welcome to Sunday Brunch Bites, where you can kick back, relax, and get a glimpse into your favorite character’s lives as they learn to love, laugh, and grow together. Comments and suggestions for posts are always welcome as long as you keep it cute, and these posts will keep it mostly-SFW. If you’re left panting and wanting more, subscribe to the newsletter for special goodies. But for now, grab a drink, get comfortable, and read on.

Cover of Learned Reactions, by Jayce Ellis, on Brunch Spread. Caption: Sunday Brunch Bites

Get to know: Carlton

With Learned Behaviors on its way, it’s time to get to know Carlton a little better. And while it’d be easy to have Deion ask…

A brunch spread, overlaid with cover of Andre, by Jayce Ellis. Caption: Sunday Brunch Bites

Get to know: Marcus

Get to know: Marcus. When we last left Marcus, he’d just graduated and was busy taking family photos and planning his next steps (if you’ve…

A brunch layout with the cover of Jeremiah, by Jayce Ellis, in the corner. Caption: Sunday Brunch Bites

Collin’s Meet Cute

One of the things I’ve always wanted to do, and has been frequently requested, was to look at a few scenes from my books from…