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A brunch layout with the cover of Jeremiah, by Jayce Ellis, in the corner. Caption: Sunday Brunch Bites

Good morning beloveds! Someone asked me for a quick little scene of Collin going with Jeremiah to a waxing appointment some *mumble mumble* moons ago. It’s taken forever, so thank you kind reader for your patience, and I hope you enjoy!

“Where ya’ goin?” I asked Jeremiah as he buckled his belt and looked around for his wallet. Poor thing was so distracted.

“Waxing appointment,” he mumbled, patting his pockets for who-knows-what.

My cock perked up like it always did when I thought about him lying naked on a bed, nothing but a thin sheet covering him, listening to his soft grunts while he was worked over. God, I wanted to go to one, to watch him squint and clench and tighten while someone else was in control of him.

A soft noise made me look up, and I found J watching me, his mouth turned up in that grin I loved so much. “What do you have planned?”

I shook my head. “Nothing.”

“Good. Come with me.”

“I…what?” Jeremiah’s waxing time was considered sacred. I’d wanted to join him since…forever, but I’d always been too chickenshit to ask.

He crossed the room and took my lips in a kiss that made me want to forget every plan for the next 72 hours and just spread my legs for him. When I whimpered into his mouth, he chuckled and pulled back. “You like that idea?”

I huffed, even as I dug my fingers into his shirt . It wasn’t fair how easy it was for him to reduce me to a wanton, writhing mess. “I was actually thinking about you fucking me into this couch.” He groaned, and I batted my lashes at him. Served him right.

“Stop trying to distract me.” His voice had gone low, and he rolled his hips into mine.

“I’m not. I’m just being honest.”

He hummed and squeezed me again, then took a step back and popped me on the ass. “So, you coming or not?”

I must have made some sound, because Jeremiah laughed. I tried to narrow my eyes at him, but it did nothing. “I’m coming,” I finally said. If I was lucky, in more ways than one by the end of the night.

He grinned, and I didn’t try to hold my excitement in. The smile he gave me when I clapped made my breath catch. It never failed to stir me, the way he looked at me like I was everything he ever wanted, and I knew I was blushing as I hurried back to the room to change. When I returned, Jeremiah was leaning against the wall, eating a banana. He didn’t speak when he saw me, just took my hand and led me out the door.

The ride to the salon was short, but my nerves ticked up. Why, I couldn’t explain. It’s not like I was the one being stripped and having hot wax poured over me. Really, it was that it felt like a turning point. I’d joked about joining him before, but he’d never taken me seriously, and eventually it had become more fantasy than a request. This felt…significant in a way I didn’t entirely have words for.

We walked inside and the woman at the front smiled at Jeremiah, then noticed me and her mouth fell open. Jeremiah laughed and pulled me close, then kissed the top of my head. “This is my boyfriend, Collin,” he said.

She freaking beamed at me. “Mr. Stewart speaks of you all the time. It’s so good to meet you.”

I just knew my entire face had turned red. “Thank you,” I managed, hoping I kept the squawk out of my voice. “I’m glad he decided to bring me along.”

She nodded again and turned to Jeremiah. “ Kim will be right out. She’s finishing up with a client now.”

Jeremiah gave her a thumbs up and led me to a seat  in the corner.” What’s got you so nervous?”

One day he wouldn’t read me so well. I nestled into his arms.” I don’t know,” I confessed. “I keep thinking I needled you into letting me come.”

“Collin, you know I love you, right?”

I nodded. He never failed to make sure I knew that in my soul. Still, my voice came out as a whisper. “Yes.”

“Good. Then please understand when I say, if I didn’t want you here, you wouldn’t be here.”

He said it so plainly, and it was exactly what I needed to hear. I sighed and pressed a kiss to his neck, and felt rather than saw his smile.

We were there for only a few minutes before another woman came to stand in the doorway and gestured for us to follow her.

Jeremiah laid a strong, possessive hand on my back, and walked down the hall like he didn’t have a care in the world. We came to a small room, then the woman waved a nonchalant hand at Jeremiah, said, “you know what to do,” and shut the door.

“What’s that mean?” I asked when we were alone.

“That means get naked and assume the position,” he said with a laugh, then blew out a breath.

“You okay?”

He snorted, stripped, and winked.” I don’t usually have to worry about getting a hard-on during these sessions.”

I wanted to blush. And preen. “Don’t worry,” I said, taking a moment to admire my man in all his glory. He laid on the bed and draped a sheet over his waist. “I’m sure the hot wax will take care of that.”

Jeremiah barked out a hoarse laugh just as the door opened and a woman I assumed was Kim walked in. She grinned when she saw me, then wiggled her brows at J. “You ready?”

He shook his head and laughed again, and I went to the corner to sit, but J motioned me to bring the chair closer. “You sure?” I asked, dragging it to the opposite side of the table from where Kim worked.

“Mmm,” was the only response I received, and when I took a closer look, Kim was laying a strip of wax on him with a wooden stick. She followed that with a piece of cloth, smoothed it down his leg a few times, then held his skin taut and ripped it off.

I shrieked, a truly godawful sound, and clamped a hand over my mouth, but all Jeremiah did was chuckle.” You doin okay there?” he asked, more than a hint of humor in his voice.

I grumbled, but eventually laughed and settled into my seat. “It just looks like it hurts so much.”

Jeremiah grunted. “The first time I screamed like a bitch,” he admitted, and Kim snickered.

“He cried and jumped off the table,” she said, her shoulders shaking.

“You weren’t supposed to tell him that,” he said, but Kim winked at me.

“He’s trying to be calm because you’re here, but that first strip always hurts. Don’t let him make you feel bad.”

I risked a glance at Jeremiah and found him smiling at me. With that, I gripped his hand and watched Kim methodically lay wax down and strip it off. Outside of a few winces and squeezes of my hand, Jeremiah was calm, almost like he was falling asleep on the table.

Until we got to his pubic region. Kim tapped him on the shoulder and he sighed. “Is it time?”

She nodded. “Your favorite part.”

“Is that what we’re calling it?” His voice was laced with humor, though, as he removed the sheet and hiked a leg up.

“Hold yourself,” she instructed, and with another sigh, Jeremiah grabbed his cock and balls with one hand, moving them out the way.

I  watched her lay the wax down over his ass, heard his soft hiss as the cloth was laid over his hole, then ripped away. His grip on my hand tightened and he muttered, “fuck.”

“Are you okay?”

Jeremiah nodded and scrunched his eyes at me. “Never gets better.”

While I watched, Kim did it again, then did his balls, which caused his grip to border on painful. He was hurting, yes, but good god he was beautiful. So comfortable with himself, so comfortable with letting me watch, and as he held his cock down while Kim stripped his pubic area bare.

When she was finished, Kim rubbed his legs down lightly with lotion, then squirted a dollop of lotion in his hand for his private region, handed him a towel, and left the room. “So,” Jeremiah said when we were alone, “that’s what it is. Not that exciting, right?”

“I don’t like seeing you in pain,” I confessed. Though I did like seeing him laid out for the taking. It’d been too long since I had him like that.

Instead of responding to my statement, he took my hand and ran it along his stomach. “You feel that?”

I did. It felt incredible, that freshly waxed skin that slid against mine. Whenever he came home from a session, he always reminded me why I enjoyed it so much. The memories forced their way to the front, and just like that, I was ready to leave.

“I know that look,” Jeremiah said, sitting up and stretching to reach his clothes. “You’re thinking about something.”

I couldn’t deny it. “Remembering how good it feels when we…you know.”

He darted a tongue over his lower lip and grinned. “I do know. Let’s get home and you can remind me why you like it so much.”

I watched him dress, wishing for a moment that public indecency laws didn’t exist. It was a shame to cover up that skin. Then his words came back to me, and all I could think about was unwrapping him like a gift. “Yeah,” I said, “let’s do that.”