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Updated May 14, 2020

Privacy. I value yours, so let’s talk about it, because consent is sexy, both on this site and in my books, so I want you to be fully informed about what information is gathered while you’re perusing these pages. There will be no dubcon or noncon on my watch.


I’m down for the cause of comments. I want you to have your say, have fun, kiki it up, and not be harassed. To that end, I use CleanTalk as an anti-spam filter. They’re going to collect the following information from you: your name, email, and IP address (basically your computer’s address on the web), and whatever delightful comment you decide to leave me. They do the dirty work of checking over your comments (because really, you want me to be writing, right?), making sure you’re a real person and not a spammer, and they hold onto those comments for a few days before tossing them. That way, if you’re legit and accidentally get caught up in the mix, I have time to let you back in. And if you ever want those comments removed, hit me up on the contact page. Consent: you can revoke it at any time.


If you want to spend even more time with me and my peeps and sign up for my newsletter, you’re allowing me to have your name and email address. Thassit. CleanTalk’s gonna check that too and make sure the email address is legit, so please double check your spelling. Too many typos and CleanTalk’s gonna freak out and assume you’re a spammer. We don’t want that, do we? If you ever get tired of hearing from me (no harm, no foul, do you boo), click unsubscribe at the bottom of any newsletter. If (when) you open the newsletter, I’ll get a message back to my website, so I can make my next content even better.

Website Tracking

I’m not really here to be basic, but my hosting company will give me super basic information about who comes to the site. That’s intentional on their end. They’ll tell me what country you’re coming from, what browser you’re using, and how long you kick it on the site. This information is not traceable back to any individual, so feel free to  stay however long you please.

Now, because we’re talking privacy and consent, be aware that Google and other search engines also track website visitors. This isn’t personal to my site here; they’re doing this everywhere. If you don’t want them up in your grill like that, consider using a private or incognito browser window. Again, this information is basic af, but on the off-chance I might check it, I want you to be aware of how to avoid it.

do use Google Analytics to find out why people are visiting my site (aside from my high level of awesomesauce, of course). Google knows, so on occasion I’d like to know too. Don’t want me to know? Click that private browser window and we’ll KIM.


I know, I know, you’re telling me to shut up already. I’m almost done, and bear with me a bit here. I’m sure you’ve seen the popups on what feels like every site talking about how they collect cookies, and do you accept? And if you’re like me, you say yes so it’ll get out of your way and you can keep scrolling. Well, here’s the thing. I use them too.

Cookies ensure the integrity of the registration process and personalize your time here. What, pray tell, is a cookie? It’s a small text file placed on your hard disk by a Web page server. They’re assigned specifically to you, and can only be read by a web server in the domain that issued the cookie to you. Read: I can’t see what information you gave to other sites that you didn’t give to me. They cannot be used to run programs or deliver viruses to your computer, and we’ll take a moment to give thanks for small blessings.

So what is the purpose of a cookie? The main one, for our purposes, is convenience. For instance, if you’ve left a comment before and come back to read more of Jeremiah and Collin’s shenanigans (with those boys, it’s never-ceasing), the cookies allow your name and email to pop up in those locations so you’re not starting from scratch every single time.

You can accept or decline cookies. A lot of browsers automatically accept cookies, but we’re about consent, right? You can modify your browser settings to decline cookies if that’s your jam. Fair warning: declining cookies means you may not be able to get the full experience the interactive parts of this or any other website you visit.

Changes to This Statement

On occasion, I may have to edit this. When I do, I’ll update the top of this page with the most recent edit date. If the changes are major (or material, but god my lawyer brain is sick to death of that word), I’ll put a notice on the home page so you can check it out here before continuing on.

To My International Friends

This site is hosted in the United States. If you’re checking it out from somewhere else (bless you, kind soul), you’re consenting to two things: (1) the transfer of your information to the US for processing and maintenance in accordance with this Policy, and (2) the application of US laws for any matter regarding this site. God, that sounded lawyerly didn’t it? Basically, this site is in the US, and US laws govern. Yeah, that’s it.

If You’re Over It

It happens, I get it. Send me a note on my contact page and I’ll remove all data from my website, forever and ever amen.