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The Carpenter’s Prince


The prequel in a new series: blue collar versus the ballet.


Sean Edwards would do anything for his nephew. Including, apparently, designing the props for a children’s version of the Nutcracker after the original designer abruptly quits. He has no interest in ballet, other than seeing his nephew perform, but carving out mini toy soldiers and rats can’t be that difficult, can it? Besides, it gives him something to do other than sit on his butt wondering about where his life could be if he were brave enough to put himself out there. He’s ready for the long nights and weekends—they’re part of the job. The insanely sexy head ballerino is not.

All principal danseur Keni Jackson wants to do is give the best Nutcracker performance possible. As Prince, last year he was good, but now he wants to blow people’s socks off and cement his place in the studio. But he and the lead ballerina can’t seem to get things right, and Keni’s perpetually on edge. The last thing he needs is something to shatter his carefully held control, and that’s exactly what the cuddly carpenter who favors jazz over Tchaikovsky does.

Sean and Keni are drawn to each other, but not everyone is a fan. When Keni’s position is threatened, they have to decide whether to walk away for good, or if what they’ve found is worth fighting for.