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Cover of Reverence, by Jayce Ellis

Rasheed knew moving back to his small hometown in Virginia wouldn’t be smooth sailing, especially since he refused to so much as visit for twenty-five years, but he isn’t prepared for the level of vitriol he gets from the person he’s most anxious to see—his high school sweetheart, Percy. His best friend. His closest confidant. And the reason he’s returned.

Once upon a time, Rasheed chose his reputation over their relationship, and now, Percy makes it clear he isn’t the least bit interested in renewing their friendship, let alone anything more. Rasheed’s determined to show Percy he’s a changed man, and won’t make the same mistake twice.

But Percy’s changed, too, and as Rasheed learns more about him, and what it means to be out and proud in this town, he questions if he’s as ready as he thought.

Percy’s worth it, though, and after breaking his heart the first time, Rasheed’s on a mission to prove himself worthy of a second chance.