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Cover of Yearning, by Jayce Ellis

Years ago, Cookie Pearson ran off the love of her life, Tommy, because she couldn’t accept his sexuality. She’s learned since then, and after drop-kicking her philandering cad of a boyfriend to the curb, all she wants is a second chance with the one who got away.

But her family’s not so understanding, either of her breakup with their hand-picked suitor, and definitely not of her plans to reunite with Tommy. They’re still mired in the same headspace they’ve been her whole life, determined to bring her down with them. And she’ll be damned if she lets that happen.

That means defending herself, him, and them, something she’s never done before. But if it means a chance of getting—and staying—in Tommy’s arms, it’ll be well worth the inevitable fallout.

Content Warnings

Please note that this book deals with open homophobia in general, and biphobia in particular, particularly directed toward bisexual Black men. Though none of it is directed explicitly toward the main male character, I realize this may be triggering for some. Please proceed with caution.